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An Advisory Board for the RUN Sea Science project

The RUN Sea Science project includes the establishment of an International Advisory Board. This advisory board will come to Réunion Isand from the 14th until the 19th of September 2010.The Advisory Board will evaluate the extent to which scientific capabilities have been developed by the RSS project. The Advisory Board will be composed of four “External Experts”, comprising two scientists from Réunion and one European and one south-African scientist, recognised for their expertise in the Sea Science field. The experts will deliver a joint report presenting the result of their observations.

The Advisory board will be composed of :

  • Mr Michel Jangoux, Professor at the Université Libre de Bruxelles and Head of the Interuniversity Centre for Marine Biology (CIBIM).
  • Mr Stéphane Ciccione, Director of Kelonia, the Observatory of Marine Turtles in La Réunion
  • Mr George Hughes, former Chief Executive Officer of the Natal Parks Board, South Africa.
  • Mr David Guyomard, operations officer at the Comité Régional des Pêches Maritimes et des Elevages Marins, Reunion Island.